Lithium Refining Is ‘Like Minting Money’


  • Elon Musk suggests finding into the lithium enterprise is a “license to print cash.”
  • He inspired business people to refine the metallic, which is critical for electric-vehicle batteries. 
  • The rate of lithium has skyrocketed, and some industry experts are anxious that demand will outstrip source as electric powered-automobile manufacturing accelerates. 

Elon Musk is contacting for far more folks to get into the enterprise of refining lithium, just one of the important supplies in electric-vehicle batteries. 

The Tesla CEO on Wednesday urged business owners to get started lithium-refining ventures, promising that entering the business is “a license to print funds.”

“It is in essence like minting dollars appropriate now. There is certainly, like, computer software margins in lithium processing correct now,” he claimed. “So I would truly like to stimulate, as soon as once more, business owners to enter the lithium refining company. You are not able to drop.”

Lithium is considerable, Musk noted. The tough part, he stated, is processing it to the stage that it can be employed in battery cells. “You have to refine the lithium into battery-grade lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide, which has to be very high purity,” Musk said.

The global changeover to electrical vehicles has driven frenzied need for lithium, sending its price via the roof this 12 months. Lithium rates have extra than doubled due to the fact January and risen approximately 400% in the last yr, according to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Some specialists are anxious that there would not be plenty of battery-grade lithium to go around as automakers speed up generation of electrical types in the coming yrs. 

The scramble for the critical metal has incentivized a lot of startups to get into the lithium room and cement themselves in the EV source chain. It is also pushed motor vehicle companies to go straight to the resource and protected their have supplies via partnerships. Ford on Thursday declared discounts with quite a few firms for lithium and nickel to assistance its EV creation. 


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